ZINA SINAL REINFORCEMENT IN THE WORLD AND                                          THE IMMEDIATE

Rasulullah SAW informs that adultery will be rewarded by Allah when the penzina still live in the world.
Rasulullah SAW said:
"Two (2) evils will be avenged by God when in the world: adultery and rebellion to the mother of the father. (HR Thobaroni)
Among the penalties or replies that will be accepted by the penzina while still in the world and the hereafter are:
1. The Prophet's Sayings:
O Muslims! Avoid acts of adultery krn him there are 6 kinds of danger,
- Three in the world
- And three in the afterlife.
The dangers that will happen to him in the world are:
1. The disappearance of light from his face
2. Shortening of age
3. To perpetuate poverty.
The dangers that will happen in the hereafter are:
1. Wrath of Allah Ta'ala
2. Hisab (calculation) is bad
3. Torture in hell.
(HR Baihaqi)
2. The Prophet's Sayings:
Be careful about adultery. Indeed, in adultery there are six (6) punishments.

8 Most Wizened Sins to Husbands

 8 Most Wizened Sins to Husbands
Ummi's friend, as a wife we often unconsciously commit sinful acts against husbands, even assuming that sin is an ordinary thing. Though heaven and hell wife is on the ridho of her husband.Hopefully 10 lists of sins most often done by this wife we can avoid to the furthest from the husbands hatred and curse of God:1. Disregard the good of the husband"Hell is shown to me and I see most of the inhabitants are women, they are kufr."The Sahabahs asked: "Is it caused their kufr to AllahThe apostle replied: "(No), they kufr to their husbands and they kufr to the good. If a husband of you does good to his wife for a year, then his wife sees something ugly in her husband, then he says, 'I have never seen good for you though.' "2. Disrespect the husband's familyA husband should be gentle to his wife, but even so the wife must be gentle to the husband's family, especially the husband's parents. Do not let the wife …

Ten Hateful Acts of Allah

Ten Hateful Acts of Allah

And we derive the Qur'an as a remedy and a mercy to the believers ..." (Surat al-Isra: 82).

Allah calls the Qur'an a variety of names which contain deep meaning. One of them is Syifa '(medicine) and Rahmah (affection).

Because of His rahmah, God gives much guidance as to what to do and forbid Him. The clue as a form that God does not want his servants to misbehave, crumble, and deviate from the Shari'a.

In the Qur'an, the form of affection in the form of prohibition is exposed by Allah Almighty in the Surah Al-Isra, beginning with human relationship with Allah (hablumminallah) ie cleansing of creed and meaning implied in La Ilah illallah, connected with human relations with others (hablum minannas).

First, the prohibition of associating Allah (shirk), in (QS al-Isra: 22. Second, respect for parents (Surat al-Isra: 23-24).

Third, the fulfillment of the right to the poor, "And give to the close of the families of their right, to the poor…

Ya’juj dan Ma’juj

                                                             Ya’juj dan Ma’juj

Ya'juj and Ma'juj are two disbelievers from the descendants of Adam who are wide-faced, cutting-edge and destructive on earth and Allah Almighty subdued Dhu al-Qnain to build a wall that encloses them. And they constantly dig it up to the time permitted by Allah to get out of it at the end of time after the event of Jesus killing the dajjal.They come out with a very large amount and drink from the lake thabariyah and make damage to the earth. No one is able to confront them then Isa with the believers made it to the hill of Thur until Allah swt destroyed Ya'juj and Ma'juj with the worms that ate their necks and Allah sent the birds that threw their corpses To the sea and Allah also sends rain to wash the earth from their foul smell. "(Fatawa al Islam Sual wa Jawab juz I p 1516)The proof that Ya'juj and Ma'juj would drink the Thabariyah lake is mentioned in a long hadith narrated …

History of vespa

 History of vespa

The history of the vespa began more than a century ago, to be precise 1884. The Piaggio Company was founded in Genoa, Italy in 1884 by Rinaldo Piaggio. Rinaldo's business starts ship equipment. But at the end of the century, Piaggio also manufactures Rail Trains, Train Wagons, Body Trucks, Machines and Trains. In World War I, his company produced Aircraft and Ships. In 1917 Piaggio bought a new plant in Pisa and four years later Rinaldo took over a small factory in Pontedera in the Tuscany region of Italy. The Pontedera plant was the center for the production of the aircraft and its components (propellers, engines and aircraft). During World War II, the plant in Pontedera made the P108 for a two-passenger Aircraft engine and Bomb Version.
At the end of World War II, Piaggio factory was bombed by an allied plane. After the war, Enrico Piaggio took over Piaggio from his father (Rinaldo Piaggio). At that time the Italian economy was deteriorating, Enric…

10 These Animals Said Can See the Subtle Creatures

10 These Animals Said Can See the Subtle Creatures

10. Horses

Perhaps many people do not know that horses can sense the existence of spirits. But sometimes horses like to behave strangely without any particular reason. It is believed that the horse is seeing the figure of a spirit.

When at night, if you see a horse suddenly can not stay still and look restless and like to make a sound, it could be that moment there are spirits who are passing.

9. Lizard

Who would have thought a small animal this one was able to see the figure of a spirit. Cicak is still believed to have many myths by Indonesian people up to now. One of them lizards can show the existence of spirits like kuntilanak. In addition, if a lizard suddenly enters a room while it beeps, it could mean there are spirits there.

8. Wolves

Wolves are indeed a type of wild animal that lives in the forest that he said can also see the spirits. A creepy story also enveloped the wolf that shook during the full moon. He said the sound i…



Once, thousands of years before any human being, the world is already inhabited by a kind of creature of the genie, they are distinguished between men and women. Among them are worshipers and some are not, though God requires them to worship Him.Allah SWT. Says, "And I created not the jinn and man, except to worship Me." (Surah Adz-Dzariyaat: 56)Among the many descendants of the genie, Izzazil is the most obedient to Allah. Unlike humans, jinn can be aged up to thousands, even tens of thousands of years. Similarly Izzazil. He worshiped God for 1000 years. Then at his request he was transferred by God to the first heaven.There he worshiped God for 1000 years as well. Then he moved to the sky onwards, until the seventh sky. At each level of heaven, he worshiped Allah SWT for 1000 years. So Izzazil worshiped God for 8000 years.Because of his obedience and devotion, Allah raised him to the degree of Al-Muqarrabun, the highest de…